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Where can I find my tyre size

How to find the appropriate tyre size

Locating the appropriate tags indicating the size of your tire shouldn't be much of a bother. The tags are fastened to the wall where the tires are stationed with a legible and clear combination of systemic characters having both letters and numeral as indicated in the sample below:

195/60R15 88H

Every unique character indicated above is enclosed with different unique information. Let's take a breakdown of the sampled code (205/65R15 95H)

  • 205- This represents the width of the tyres ( mm)
  • 65- this figure represents the aspect ratio of the tyre. So this simply implies that the aspect ratio is 65% of 195 millimeters. 
  • R15- this character indicates that the tyre is a radial tyre, and the digit (15) represent in inches the wheel’s diameter.
  • 95H - this represents load index and speed index respectively

Many a time, the manufacture placard for your vehicle does have a specific recommendation for tyre sizes. This placard has detailed information such as the load capacity, air pressure of tyres as well as the type of tyres and wheels to be used. The ‘C’ or ‘LT’ might sometimes be found next to the tyre size. These letters represent commercial or light truck, which implies that the appropriate recommended tyres should be used for proper fitting.

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