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How Long Does delivery take

What is the stipulated delivery time frame?

For ease of delivery, its often recommended adding your postcode where applicable or choosing the correct location. Stocks delivered by Tyre are stored in different warehouses in most regions of Australia and including your postcode aid navigation as well as the timely delivery of services. After scouting through the arrays of tyres available, and have found a suitable fit for your vehicle, you will be notified of an estimated date of delivery after your choice of tyres have been added to the shopping cart. It's imperative to note that a delivery date is ascertained based on the location of stocks as well as the postcode registered.

Most orders are usually delivered a day after the orders have been logged. However, an estimated delivery time of 3 days is usually the standard. The estimated 3 days delivery period is only a safe window to cushion the effects of unforeseen circumstances if the need arises. If the speculated delivery period is longer than 3 days, the only logical explanation could be that the stock ordered for will be delivered from a different region of Australia.

Each State has a designated delivery timeframe that allows us to provide optimal customer service and expectations. Our team work hard to ensure that our partners work seamlessly to provide you with a seamless online buying experience.

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